Beautiful Celebrities Who Ruined Their Looks By Going Under The Knife

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Most of the celebrities are obsessed with surgical adjustments to their bodies in order to look beautiful. However, in some cases, things go horribly wrong and celebrities pay the price. Below are some celebrities whose looks were ruined by surgeries.

Donatella Versace.

The popular brand founder decided to have a surgery to look ageless. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t really go according to the plan and she ended up looking totally different.

Meg Ryan.

This actress, who also tried her luck in direction and production, had looks which could needed no alterations. But, she did give it a shot and the result is there for everybody to see.

Lyn May.

The actress became a household name in Mexican entertainment. She decided to have a surgery to slow down her aging. However, the decision didn’t really turn out to be a wise one.

Pamela Anderson.

The heartthrob of every men during her days, didn’t really needed a beauty enhancement treatment. Though, her surgery was a bit good, she didn’t look the same anymore.

Cecilia Bolocco.

The model, actress and fashion designer were a huge name in her native Chile. Unfortunately, her surgery diminished her beauty and charm.

Sammy Sosa.

The sporting star opted for lighter skin pigments and was not just based on modification of features. Though, it was fine, the natural flair was lost.

Gabriela Spanic.

One might wonder what made this beauty to go for surgical adjustments when she was already sensation. She became unrecognisable after the surgery.

Renee Zellwege.

One of the most notable faces of Hollywood, had beauty that matched her incredible talent. But, the surgery did not do justice to her.

Michael Jackson.

Probably, the biggest celebrity of the century, was already a global phenomenon. Though, he remained an icon even after his surgery, the changes were evident.

Jorge Kahwagi.

The difference in image speaks for itself and you might think what was this pseudo political boxer was thinking.

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