10 Popular Countries Which Have Made Prostitution Legal

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Though prostitution is banned and considered a taboo subject worldwide, there are still some countries in which it is absolutely legal. Scroll down and find out more.

New Zealand.

It may be surprising for a few to see this country. However, it is legal in the country since 2003. It also has licensed brothels operating under public health and employment laws, to ensure the workers get social benefits like other employees.


The legal status varies from state to state here. While it is decriminalised in some areas, it is illegal in other parts of the countries.


Prostitutes can register and have regular medical check-ups. The only obligation is you have to be 19 years or older.


Male prostitution is illegal and the rest is under the law. Pimping and owning a brothel is also legal in this country.


The country is running proper state of the art brothels with fingerprint technology and keycards. That’s some system there.


Prostitution is totally legal in this country and has a huge network.


Although prostitution is legal, buying s*x was banned in 2014. This move has made the s*x workers situation vulnerable.


While working in the s*x industry is legal, pimping is not allowed in Colombia.


The government also helps those with disabilities get laid by incurring the extra costs some of them have to pay.


Anything related to s*x is legal in this country. However, forced prostitution is a bit of a problem.

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