10 Naughty Things Every Guy Wants From His Girlfriend

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What’s a relationship without some sparks? While guys bring their own game, they expect something hot from the ladies to heat things up.

Most girls complain about their boyfriend being unhappy and unsatisfied. That is because you don’t know your man well and also you haven’t explored his wild and naughty side. In order to make your man satisfy, you need to learn and take notes of all the times your boyfriend crave for. So let’s have a look at all the sexy things every guy wants from his girlfriend but they’re just shy to admit it.

Lap Dances

Nothing can make a guy more sexy than getting a lap dance from your own girlfriend.

Strip Shows

Being a little naughty never harmed anybody. Also, it increases Guys love for his girlfriend and their bond strengthens.

Impromptu S3x

S3x is a blessing. But guys feel out of this world if it is unexpected and wild. Unplanned s3x really reveals your love and affection for each other.

Love Bites

Love bites are the marks which indicate your territory. Therefore, guys demand to get all marked with your bites so they can call themselves forever yours.

Naughty Pictures

Nowadays, naughty pictures are a symbol of trust. Guys want to know how much you trust them with your most private pictures.

Dirty Texts

Dirty texts after a long tiring day are heaven. These type of things refreshes guys and help them to relax.

Um, Blowjobs

Every guy expects blowjob from his girlfriend because it is a thing that shows how much you love him without having to say a single word

  1. Role play

The dominating behavior of guys makes them crave to see their girlfriend in those sexy thongs that will make them go crazy.

  1. Naked Massages

Massages are relaxing but when your sexy girlfriend is giving you a massage naked then that is double the fun.

  1. Boobs.. All the time

Guys just can’t live without their sexy girlfriend boobs. Because this is something that can make them go wild even if they’re angry.


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