10 TV Shows That Are Known For Ample Amount Of Nudity

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Some of the TV shows are taking it to the next level when it comes to nudity and it can’t really be watched with the family. The shows don’t mind losing out on a few viewers and are going all out to be as authentic as possible.

Here are some of the TV shows that are filled with nudity:


The show doesn’t just deal with historical drama, but also the racy stuff they did back in the day. The lead characters were often seen naked and the constant nudity of both men and women had become a norm.


The show takes us through the journey of a group of close friends living in New York City, with a focus on the life of Hanna, played by Lena Dunham. She was shown naked on several occasions, even when she was playing table tennis and eating cake. The producers were criticized for using nudity for no reason.

S*x And The City.

The show was filled with graphic s*x scenes and a lot of nudity. Sarah Jessica Parker stayed away from shedding it all because of her contract.

Orange is the New Black.

The show based on the book by Piper Kerman, who spent a year in a women’s prison, is known for its raunchy content. The nudity is constant throughout the show, with lesbian encounters taking place regularly, along with some instances of full male frontal nudity.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

The show showcases the life of a prostitute and her sexual exploits with different clients. Although, the nudity was limited to a certain extent, the s*x scenes created a stir when it was aired.

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